How we keep your data safe

Sending data to Worker Checks

Worker Checks use the highest level of security for internet traffic, with all communications secured using HTTPS. Our certificates use 2048-bit keys with SHA256 signatures. Our infrastructure supports TLS. We ask that you send all your information via our secure web site.

If we require additional information from you – we will send you a secure link to upload your information.  We will never ask for your personal data via email or SMS.

What do we do with your data once we receive it

Everything you send us is stored Encrypted-At-Rest. This includes database records, uploaded images and backups. When you send us confidential information such as identity document information, we electronically send this to the relevant government department and store the outcome. In some instances we are required to send identifiers to the relevant police department. We consider identifiers as the most sensitive information you provide, and these are stored with an additional level of encryption.

Your police check results are subject to further security and storage requirements. We add an additional layer of encryption to your result and store this on our secure, private blockchain. (Read Worker Checks private blockchain protects police check data ). After 15 months we delete all of your police check data (submission and result). Whilst we love having you as a customer and will send you a reminder 12 months after you submit your check, we will not use your check for marketing purposes and will delete it at the 15-month mark (this is a requirement under Commonwealth Government Legislation)

How do we protect our Technology

All Worker Checks servers and other parts of our IT solution are protected by firewalls and protective routing infrastructure including leading internet security products. Infrastructure is located within Australia and is ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified. We also conduct regular third-party reviews just to make sure we are doing what we should to keep your information safe.

Want to know more?

Our business customers may be granted a more extensive overview of our security information when they sign our Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Access to this requires the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement as component of the SLA. If you would like to become a business customer with Worker Checks, please contact our business team.