Worker Checks is a leading Accredited Police Check Provider, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Worker Checks is an accredited police check provider and offer Australian, International Police Checks and VEVO right to work checks on a simple, safe, blockchain secure platform.

All applications are completed 100% online and can be completed on your computer or mobile device.

Individuals can store and share your checks from your blockchain secure personal portal.

Check results can be forwarded electronically to your employer, or can be printed from your personal portal.


Free Full business solution to manage all your worker check requirements from a leading police check provider.


Management suite for alerts and non-compliance of worker’s checks:

  • Employer or Worker Pay options
  • Invite your workers to conduct checks from your management portal
  • Portal view of all your worker’s status
  • Your branding on electronic correspondence

Available for organisations of any size.

Worker Checks is a fully accredited police check provider with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and licensed to conduct police checks.

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Your first choice for a first class Accredited Police Check Provider.


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Worker Checks utilises proprietary world leading private blockchain technology to protect extremely personal sensitive information.


A system that integrates all checks in a single, secure, shareable platform…


– For individuals requiring checks

– For organisations who need to commission and monitor employee / applicant checks



Worker Checks are an accredited agency with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)

ACIC approved provider of australian national police checks
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World Leading Technology is powered by our proprietary blockchain enabled certificate engine. 
Nominated for the prestigious Lloyds List awards in 2017 & 2018.
No cryptocurrency. No tokens. No BS.

Blockchaoin Mate Awards nominations

Victorian Police – Security Business Licence

Private Security Business Licence – registered with Victoria Police.

Licence number 953-569-00S

Plugging Working with Children Check Gaps…. can supplement the WWCC system in each State with a recurring  National Police check at the client’s selected intervals to fill the  gap. This prevents what is known as forum shopping – with those who know  how to exploit the system – have done so, as noted in the 2015 Royal  Commission* report.

There is no, and not likely to be (due to Australia  being a Commonwealth of independent state authorities) a national  database that is a single window in real time. When National Police  checks are conducted, the search it is an aggregation of the  individual queries and checks of the State’s databases. is accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission  (ACIC) to help organisations, guardians and workers to apply for and  submit Australian and international police checks,  Worker Checks is entrusted with direct  access to the National Police Checking Service and plays a vital role to  help safeguard the Australian community.



Testimonial from a happy customer!  

“All done and paid for. Thanks again…you are awesome.  When I started this process I never thought anyone would want to help. Thanks so much, in light of all that’s going on in the world especially in America, you have restored our faith in being human, being a good human being.”

“Please look us up and email us if you ever in Brissie. We would love to return the goodwill.”

-Christina R, Brisbane  

Testimonial from Disability Worker:

“What we love about Worker Checks is that we might be asked to pay for a new police check when we had one a month ago.  From my personal portal I can share my profile with a new employer and they can see my last police check.” 

Testimonial from an agency engaging contractors:

“A number of our contractors have come from overseas and not been in Australia long.  The ability to have them screened internationally and in Australia is an absolute necessity for my clients.  In addition we can see the VISA status and will get alerts when their right to work expires, covering our own backside.  A great system.”