Police Check Business Solution | for business of all sizes

Free Police Check Business Solution


Management suite for alerts and non-compliance of worker’s checks:

  • Employer or Worker Pay options
  • Invite your workers to conduct checks from your management portal
  • Portal view of all your worker’s status
  • Your branding on electronic correspondence

Police Check Business Solution for any organisation

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Police check for business

Police Check Business Solution for All Organisations

  • Free Business Management Portal:
    • Invite individuals to conduct a police check for your screening process
    • Compliance overview of your team – in portal and downloadable for compliance record keeping
    • Alerts for Red Flags or expiries
    • Your branding on all email correspondence with your staff
  • $40 National & $170 International Police Checks (high volume discounts available)
  • VEVO VISA Checks
  • WWCC continuing monitoring of your team (if required)
  • No lock in contracts or ongoing obligations
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Police Check Business Solution - How it works

Register a Business Account

Simply apply for a free business account  – you will then have full access to Worker Checks business suite. 

Your Worker Checks business portal will enable you to initiate and view your employees checks online. All police check and personal details are securely stored on a blockchain and are protected by world class cryptography. 

How to receive Police Check on an individual:

User paid / initiated:

If an individual already has a workerchecks.com account and recent check, they will receive an invitation to share their profile with you when you send them an invitation

Your business initiates a check request:

Send out an invite directly to the applicant from within your business portal ( It will send them an email with your branding) – The employee will then:

     (1) register a workerchecks.com account, and

     (2) complete the entire application online.

You will receive emails to let you know when the check results are available for viewing in your business portal.

Payment – Employer or Worker Pays

When requesting checks – an organisation can buy credits for checks and then send the invitation to conduct a check to workers.  

Alternatively, an invitation can be sent where the worker pays for the checks themselves.

You select employee or employer pays when sending the invitation to conduct a check.

Businesses can purchase check credits for all types of check from within their business portal (via credit card).

When the check has been completed on your employee, provided they have granted permission, the results will be available in your business portal. These results are also available to the individual in their User portal.

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If you would like your branding on the invitation and reminder email suite associated with workerchecks.com automated email suite – please send us your logo (png or jpg) to [email protected] after filling out the form below:

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