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accredited provider with the australian criminal intelligence commision

Get Australian Police Check $40 Get International Police Check from $70 Get VISA (Right to Work) Check $8.80
  • 100% online process
  • Share from your blockchain secured portal
  • Free workforce check solution for organisations


  • Complete your police check application online
  • Email alert to indicate that your check is available in your personal portal
  • Share your checks electronically from your personal portal
  • Digital certificate available for download from your personal portal (typically within the hour)

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  • $70 New Zealand Police Checks
  • $170 International Police Checks (exc, NZ & Australia)
  • Share your checks electronically from your personal portal
  • Digital certificate available for download from your personal portal

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Management suite for alerts and non-compliance of worker’s checks:
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  • Employer or Worker Pay options
  • Invite your workers to conduct checks from your management portal
  • Portal view of all your worker’s status

Available for any organisation, regardless of size (including individuals who need to monitor a workforce)

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  • Share your checks electronically at the touch of a button!
  • Great for casual workers, those in the GIG economy or those who have multiple employers.
  • Simply share your check profile at the touch of button, no need to dig out recent checks or redo checks!
  • Print out your certificates which contain verification features to avoid fraudulent certificates


Validate a printed worker check’s certificate using one of the two methods. 

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Police checks for disability and aged care

Workers – why use Worker Checks?

Your checks are conducted online and stored in your ultra-secure personal portal :

  • Share electronically from your personal portal
  • Police checks – International or Australian
  • Right to Work VEVO VISA checks
  • *WWCC (or Blue Card) monitoring
  • You own your checks, you can share with any employer or individual
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Free busoness solution for employee checks

Free check solution for employers

Free Business Management suite:

  • Worker or employer paid checks
  • Invite 1 to 10,000 workers at once
  • ACIC compliant verification of ID
  • Automated renewal reminders (with your branding)
  • Team management portal so you can leave the compliance record keeping to us!
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Government Accredited

Worker Checks Pty Ltd is an Accredited Body with the Australian Criminal Intelligence  Commission (ACIC).
Authorised to access the National Police Checking  Service.
Worker Checks Pty Ltd  have been assessed and approved against  strict security and compliance requirements.

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World Leading Technology is powered by our proprietary blockchain enabled certificate engine. 
Nominated for the prestigious Lloyds List awards in 2017 & 2018.
No cryptocurrency. No tokens. No BS.


Private Security Business Licence

Private Security Business Licence – registered with Victoria Police.

Licence number 953-569-00S

Australian Police Checks Online


How long does a national police check take?

When you order an online police check with Worker Checks, you’ll have your authenticated certificate within about two hours of submitting your application. Here’s a quick overview of how the fast police check process works:

  • Fill out your application online.
  • Submit your application.
  • The police agency will process your application and perform the criminal background check.
  • You will receive an email when your police certificate is available from your personal portal. This typically takes less than two business hours.
  • Login and download your police check.
How do I get an Australian police check?

Whether your employer has requested a criminal check or you need one for another reason, you’ll be pleased to know that the process is quick and easy. Getting an Australian police check is straightforward with Worker Checks, an agency accredited and licensed with ACIC to conduct national police checks.

From start to finish, the entire process takes place online. All documentation can be uploaded via our blockchain-secured portal for total peace of mind. You can also use our platform to safely share your checks in the future.

After your application has been submitted, you’ll receive the police clearance Australia’s employers trust within two business hours or so.

Can I get an online national police check?

Yes. With Worker Checks, you can apply for and receive a police clearance certificate. We authenticate all certificates so you and your employee can move forward with confidence.

Submitting applications and downloading and sharing certificates is fuss-free for both individuals and businesses. Our intuitive platform is also ultra-secure, utilising a private blockchain network to ensure all personal information is protected.

How much does an Australian police check cost?

A standard online national police check costs AUD 40 with Worker Checks. We pride ourselves on offering a low price point and streamlined payments process without compromising the quality of our products.

We offer more than standard national criminal history checks. We also facilitate international police checks from more than 190 countries and territories across the globe. Do keep in mind that these take a little longer to process than our standard police checks.

We also offer specialist products for organisations. Visit our business solutions page to learn more.

What is checked in a police check?

A police check examines an individual’s criminal history and, in some states, traffic offences. All court outcomes and pending charges are disclosed in a police check. At Worker Checks, we understand that this information can be sensitive, and that’s why we’ve implemented cutting-edge blockchain technology to safeguard our users’ data.

In addition to a criminal history check, employers may request a proof of identity checkright to work check, or working with children check. Each of these assesses different criteria.

How long are police checks valid for?

National police checks in Australia do not have a specific validity window. Instead, they are only 100 per cent correct and up-to-date on the day of issuing. That being said, some organisations set their own requirements – for example, an employer may request a police check issued in the last 14 days.

It is the responsibility of employers and organisations to keep on top of their employees’ suitability at their own discretion.

Is a national crime check the same as a police check?

In most cases, a national crime check and police check are the same thing. However, there are exceptions.

A police check can refer to a criminal history check here in Australia or anywhere around the world. Some employers request international police checks to determine the suitability of prospective employees.

A national crime check, in contrast, typically refers to an Australian police check.

Wrapping your head around the terminology related to police record checks can be a challenge. For answers to some of the most commonly asked question we get from our customers, check out our FAQs page.

What is an International Police Check?

Also known as an International Criminal History Check (ICHC), it details recorded criminal history in over 200 countries and overseas territories. This includes identifying felony and/or misdemeanour level conviction records and arrests pending adjudication.

How long does an International Police Check take?

Your check is usually ready within 5 to 15 working days. In some cases, it will take longer, depending on the processing times of government agencies coordinating checks in each country.

Why do I need an International Police check?

You may be new to Australia and want to verify your background to include in your CV or job application. Many businesses include an international police check as part of their pre-screening process if candidates have spent more than six months overseas. ICHC checks are usually required for international students, teachers and health practitioners, including:

  • AHPRA registration
  • Nursing Council of NZ registration
  • Monash University International
  • Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia.
Where do I get an International Police Check for AHPRA?

Workerchecks is a leading provider of international criminal history checks (ICHC). It is mandatory for health practitioners in Australia to apply for an international police check if they fall under specific categories. These include declaring a criminal history outside Australia and/or have lived in one or more countries other than Australia for six consecutive months or longer when aged 18 years or more.

When you submit your international police application with Workerchecks, our support team will review it to ensure all the required information and supporting documents are correct. You will receive a confirmation email with a reference page and reference number. You must provide these details with your Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registration application.

How do I get an International Police Check?

Select International Police Check from Workerchecks product page and follow the instructions to create a Workerchecks account and then complete the application. Simply complete the data entry and consent. Upload your IDs and take a selfie for proving your identity. Submit your order for processing.

What is a Right to Work (VISA) check?

If you engage a workforce, you have a legal requirement to verify rights to work in the country and keep records to prove compliance. Workerchecks makes this task easy with one dashboard to instantly check, monitor and stay on top of re-checks to ensure your obligations are met.