Police Check Overview – a guide for Police Checks in Australia

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Police Check Overview

We have penned this Police Check Overview to help both individuals and those in organisations understand a little more abut Police and criminal history Checks in Australia.

Employers  require their applicants to undertake a police clearance or national criminal history check, as part of their hiring process. Police checks contain essential information that employers use to support their decision on whether to hire the applicant or not. Read more here on A failed police check is not the end of the world!

Purpose of a Police Check

The purpose of a Police Checks- whether it is an Australian National Criminal History Check, AFP Police Check or International Police Check is to reveal an individuals’ criminal history, but the results contained in a check an reveal more.

Whether you are an employer or an applicant for a police check, it pays to know what an online police check certificate may contain.

Here’s a list of things that you can learn from a criminal history check.

Disclosable Court Outcomes

What is a disclosable court outcome?

Disclosable court outcomes are police information that can be released to the public, or more specifically, the requesting party. Disclosable court outcomes contain information on convictions, cases, and related criminal proceedings that involve the person concerned. This information details the results of the criminal proceedings, including the case specifications and other details.

Pending Cases

What is a pending case?

Disclosable court outcomes are information about criminal proceedings that have been settled  and dealt with.

Pending cases are cases that are yet to be finalised in court. This information will be presented in the police check certificate.

Criminal History Dispute Clarification

Can I see my criminal record?

Regardless of whether you require an employment police check or not you can still apply for a police check to view your criminal record check for peace of mind.

Can I dispute my criminal record?

A police check online may contain offences which you believe to incorrect, or wish to dispute. As an Australian Crime Commission (ACIC) accredited National Police Check provider, Worker Checks can handle the dispute and rectification process for you.

There is a link to commence the dispute process below your online police check certificate in your Worker Checks personal portal.

Eligibility for Vocational Positions

Vocational positions in nursing and healthcare, disability & aged care, education, finance, emergency, automotive, construction, and many others require people who can be trusted to work with. Previous or pending criminal history might affect one’s chances of getting hired due to the role’s sensitivity and access to vulnerable persons in the workplace.

Eligibility for Other Official Documents

Do I need a Police check for immigration?

In Australia, police checks are also required if an individual wishes to apply for any type of visa. Whether you plan to immigrate or to obtain a visa, you have to be prepared to acquire a police check online. But this does not only apply to visas. Many other official documents require police checks before they can be approved and issued.

What police check do I need for Immigration?

Applicants will require both an AFP Police Check to check any criminal background for your time in Australia. Worker Checks can provide your AFP Check.

Although Worker Checks can provide International Police Checks – our international police checks are suitable for background screening, for example employment and rental checks, not for visa and immigration purposes. Some organisations have specific requirements for international police check certificates, so we recommend checking these requirements before you proceed.

Please ensure you check requirements with the Dept of Home Affairs.

Qualification for Citizenship

What police check do I need for citizenship or permanent residency?

AFP Police checks are also required when applying for a citizenship or permanent residency.

Why Apply for an Online Police Check?

There are many ways to get a police check. One involves visiting an actual police station and the other one involves connecting to the internet and completing your  police check online.

Many people nowadays prefer the latter for convenience, speed and many other benefits.

Convenient and Easy Online Police checks

Completing tasks and online and sharing secure information – such as your police check results is par for the course in today’s world.

Worker Checks manage Australian National police checks, AFP Checks and International police checks for companies like Uber. (See Police Checks for Uber)

The gig economy moves fast, and so do we. Using your applicant’s webcam, mobile phone or tablet, we can provide a full police check within the hour.

So if you are looking to work with companies such as Uber, Menulog, Deliveroo – make sure you use Worker Checks for all your checks.

You can share all your checks from one spot from your personal Worker Checks portal!

Online Police Checks are the fastest

What are police check processing times?

In most cases, you’ll receive your Worker Checks National Police Check result and email to download your police check certificate within 1 hour of your check being submitted online. 

Why is my police check taking longer?

Police checking is a partially manual, name-based process, so some checks take longer to process than others. When an application is submitted for processing, your name and date of birth are run against a central database to find any potential matches throughout Australia with people who have police information.

For example, if a record of someone with name and date-of-birth details similar to yours is found in the police check database, your check would be referred for manual processing (completed by a person as opposed to being done electronically).

If you haven’t received your check result after 10 business days, feel free to email us at [email protected]

For more information on delayed police checks – please click here >


Highly Secured Data

Is my police check data safe online?


Workerchecks.com is powered by our proprietary blockchain enabled certificate engine. (Nominated for the prestigious Lloyds List awards in 2017 & 2018 – see blockchainmate.com

Both employees can be assured that their personal information is safe – and employers can rest assured that each police check certificate with authentication feature contains original and true information.

Read more about how we use private blockchain technology to provide the highest level of security for your sensitive personal data – Worker Checks private blockchain protecting your Police Check personal data

Choose Worker Checks™

Why should I use Worker Checks for my National Police Check?

Workerchecks.com provides police checks online – both Australian Police Checks and International Police Checks.

Application is 100% online – including  online identity verification, with support available.

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