Police checks for Uber and the GIG economy
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Need a Police Check for UBER?

We manage Australian Police Checks and International Police Checks for companies like Uber.

The gig economy moves fast, and so do we. Using your applicant’s webcam, mobile phone or tablet, we can provide a full police check within the hour.

So if you are looking to work with companies such as Uber, Menulog, Deliveroo – make sure you use Worker Checks for all your checks.

Police Check for UBER always available in your personal portal

You can share all your checks from one spot from your personal Worker Checks portal!

No need to struggle to find your police check in your email inbox – simply log in to your worker checks portal and share electronically!

International Police Check for UBER

A Worker Checks International Police Check is 100% online and secure.

Get police clearance from more than 190 overseas countries and territories.

Worker Checks International Police Checks

If you’re new to Australia, or have spent more than six months abroad in the past 10 years, a potential employer may request an international police check as part of their pre-employment screening.

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Are you looking to work in Australia, but are not an Australian citizen?

Even if you hold a Visa, a VEVO check is an affordable way to ensure you comply with all Australian laws.

If you are an employer, a VEVO check VISA check gives you the peace of mind you need when considering an applicant. 

Worker Checks not only provide Australian Police Checks and International Police Checks – we provide VEVO Visa checks as well.

FREE business solution for workforce check management

Checks can be prepaid or worker paid

Business portal with instant click through to your workforce individual check records.

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