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get police check NSW now $40

Police Check NSW – $40

For the fastest and most convenient Police Check NSW, visit our online portal at workerchecks.com.

As a government accredited agent, our team can perform your New South Wales criminal history check for your employer or to present prior to commencing with an Australian organisation.

For police check online – your check result is typically available within the hour.

Apply and verify your identity for Police Check NSW 100% Online

Conducting an online police check in New South Wales has never been easier than using our online portal.

Simply upload your proof of identity documents and make your payment, and within the hour you will have an official, authenticated police check which has been verified through all Australian police databases.

There’s no need to spend hours at your local police station any longer, with workerchecks.com your New South Wales police clearance is an easy process that delivers the results you need, in the fastest possible time. This is the benefit of completing your police check onlione

FAQs for Police Checks

How do I get a Police Check NSW?

Getting a Police Check NSW is easy with Worker Checks!

Simply apply online for your check and receive your result within the hour*.

Using Worker Checks, you can get your Police Check NSW in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Register & Complete Online Form

Complete our mobile-friendly online form – which takes about 5  minutes, including the reason you need the check, your date of birth, previous names or addresses.

Verify your ID 100% Online – using our online ID verification platform you can verify ID from your computer or mobile phone within minutes.

Step 2 – Pay Online

Pay with credit card via our secure payment gateway.

Step 3 – Receive Result for your Police Check

We’ll process your check after you submit it

We’ll send you an email when your check is ready

Your results will be available in your secure personal portal

From your personal workerchecks.com portal:

  • print your certificate
  • share your results electronically

See more about Worker Checks online police check process here


* 70% of Police Checks are processed within 60minutes. The remainder are held back for further vetting .  Read more here on delayed police checks.

What are the options for obtaining a police check in NSW?

Your requesting organisation may request that you provide a national police clearance  for employment (they may also ask for a police clearance or a national criminal history check)

It is important to confirm what type of check they require. You can apply through your local police station in your state or territory, or you can choose an accredited provider like Workerchecks.

There is no need to visit a post office or police station – Workerchecks National Police Checks are only $40 – significantly cheaper than other providers and efficiently completed online. You also have the option to request that your Police Check NSW be obtained online in as little as an hour through Workerchecks. We help applicants obtain their national police clearance fast and hassle-free with an online application process that is designed to be completed and submitted within one sitting.

How do I get a police check in NSW?

A $40 Police Check NSW is a national criminal history check which includes any disclosable offences on an individual’s criminal record. To receive your Police Check NSW, you must submit your application to an authorised government accredited agency. Workerchecks is a leading Australian based accredited provider with ACIC and promises a fast, convenient, online option for you police checks.

Often people are asked to provide a police check  as part of their employment requirements or as a requirement to join volunteer organisations, such as aged care facilities. It is becoming very common for Australian organisations to stipulate the need for a criminal record check before they permit an individual to begin employment. It has never been quicker and easier to obtain your own police clearance certificate as Workerchecks offer applicants a 100% online application, with results typically returned with the hour.

Workerchecks application portal is designed so you can complete your entire application in minutes. Workerchecks verify all your original identification documents online.

Please note that in 30% of cases your Police Check may be flagged for a ‘manual review’ which means that the relevant police agencies may have to search for additional police clearance information before the police certificate can be released

Read more here on delayed police checks..

How long is a police check NSW valid for?

There is no set period of validity for your police check NSW but whichever authority has requested you provide one will have a compliance period so it’s best to check with them whether your current police check is still valid or whether you will need to apply for a more recent Australian National police check.

Where does the information come from in a police check NSW ?

Your Police Check NSW issued by Workerchecks is actually an Australian national police check which extends to all states and territories.

Police Check FAQ get police check NSW $40

Government Accredited Police Checks

Worker Checks Pty Ltd is an Accredited Body with the Australian Criminal Intelligence  Commission (ACIC).
Authorised to access the National Police Checking  Service.
Worker Checks Pty Ltd  have been assessed and approved against  strict security and compliance requirements.


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