Closing Loopholes

There  is no recognition of the validity of checks conducted between any  Australian jurisdictions, including where the checks are ostensibly the  same Jurisdictions which purport to monitor those  who hold approvals only monitor offences within their own jurisdiction,  with interstate and Commonwealth offences only checked at the point of  renewal, every 2-5 years.

This means that a person could hold a valid check, commit an offence against a child in another state, and continue to hold a valid check for up to 5 more years – a gaping hole in the process.

*Supplementing WWCC with continuing  National Police Checks will reduce the threat posed by this loophole*

As noted in the Royal Commission into , two of the major weaknesses in the WWCC system are:

– Once a person holds a WWCC, the continuous monitoring does not include monitoring of national criminal history records.

– Hence, people are able to ‘forum shop’, whereby a person with adverse records in one jurisdiction may be able to obtain a clearance in another jurisdiction where the adverse records are not available.

*Supplementing WWCC with continuing  National Police Checks will reduce the threat posed by this loophole*

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Worker Checks provide a single window to view and share the clearance status of workers (or anybody requiring a National Police Check  or a WWCC).

For those Working with the Vulnerable (age 18+) , continuing National Police Checks are all that are currently required. All our Worker Plans meet this requirement.

For those Working with Children (age<18), you will need to supply your WWCC and Worker Checks will supplement this with Continuing National Police Checks. We screen WWCC weekly and  these results are available in App, with updates and alerts included as a part of the Worker Checks service.

Worker Checks CANNOT provide you with a WWCC / Blue Card – we can only monitor existing clearances

If you wish to register as a worker who will be working with children, you will need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) / Blue Card.

WWCC are only processed through the statutory organisations in each state – the contact details and websites for more information on the application process can be found below.

Once you have received your check – we welcome you to register with Worker Checks!

Where to Renew WWCC for australian police checks and imternational police checks


The New South Wales Working with Children Check is administered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian.
Phone:           (02) 9286 7219
Email:            [email protected]
Address:        Suite 1, Level 13, 418A Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010


 The Victorian Working with Children Check is administered by the Department of Justice & Regulation
Phone:            1300 652 879
Email:             [email protected]
Address:         Working with Children Check Unit
                      Department of Justice and Regulation                       

                       GPO Box 1915 Melbourne VIC 3001


 The Queensland Blue Card system is administered by the Public Safety Business Agency.

Phone:           (07) 3211 6999
Address:         PO Box 12671, Brisbane Qld 4003

Western Australia

 The Western Australian Working with Children Check is carried out by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support.

Phone:           (08) 6217 8100
Email:            [email protected]
Address:         PO Box 1262, West Perth WA 6872

South Australia

 In South Australia, Child Safety is the responsibility of the Department for Education and Child Development.

Phone:           (08) 8463 6468
Email:            [email protected]
Address:         GPO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001


 The Tasmanian Working with Children Registration is carried out by the Working with Vulnerable People registration unit.

Phone:          1300 654 499
Email:          [email protected]
Address:       PO Box 56, Rosny Park Tas 7018   

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Working with Children Clearance Notice (Ochre Card) is administered by SAFE NT, a unit of the Northern Territory Police.

Phone:           1800 SAFE NT (1800 72 33 68)
Email:            [email protected]
Address:        PO Box 39764, Winnellie NT 0821

Australian Capital Territory 

The Australian Capital Territory Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 is administered by Access Canberra.

Phone:           (02) 6207 3000
Email:           [email protected]
Address:        GPO Box 158, Canberra City ACT 2601