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As an accredited agent, our team can perform your police clearance for your employer or to present prior to volunteering with an Australian organisation.

Conducting an online police check has never been easier! Simply upload your proof of identity documents and make your payment, and within the hour you will have an official, authenticated police check.

There’s no need to spend hours at your local police station or the post office. With your Australian police clearance is an easy process that delivers the results you need, in the fastest possible time.

Worker Checks is an accredited provider with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) – Worker Checks ACIC Accreditation -->

Information about the Check

If you have been asked to provide your Australian National Police Check, then Worker Checks is the best solution. Worker Checks provide a 100% online application process for your national criminal history check in as little as one hour. 

70% of police checks are processed and available in your Worker Checks portal within 1 hour. However, 30% of the time, applications are flagged for further processing, known as ‘manual review’. For more information on Police clearance delays please click here.

Worker Checks is the fastest and most convenient option to get your nationally coordinated criminal history check.

When it comes to applying for a national criminal history check from the Australian government, people often think that the process will take weeks and pages of lengthy forms. That may have been the case in the past! Worker Checks is at the forefront of the digital age.

In addition to the 100% online application process – you will be provided with a personal portal for storing and electronically sharing your police clearance. Your portal is extremely secure – Worker Checks utilise a private blockchain for all records – impenetrable and award-winning security.

Worker Checks Australia is a government accredited agency able to accept and process your application for a national criminal history check. We take care of the entire process end-to-end often taking individuals 5 minutes to lodge the form. Please allow a little extra time if you’re not familiar with online forms.

Once your police check request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email verifying the receipt of your application. Your online Worker Checks portal will also include details of your police clearance lodgement. When the application is processed, the official copy of your national criminal history is uploaded to your portal, and you will receive an notification email. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s affordable.

Who can request an Australian National Police Check?

There are a few different agencies, employers and organisations which will request that you provide a national criminal history check before you commence working or providing services to them. It is becoming standard practice for employers to request a copy of an applicant’s national criminal history check as part of their pre-employment protocols.

This ensures that businesses can adequately and safely manage risk across all types of industries and locations. It has also become standard practice for anybody advertising their services as a pet sitter or house sitter to provide a national criminal history check.

Worker Checks is available 24/7 – this means that you can apply for a national history record check in your own time, without the need for lengthy delays and queues at your post office. Worker Checks 100%  online process will verify your identity online as a component of your online police check application.

A National Police Check can only be lodged for one purpose. These are:

  • Employment
  • Probity
  • Licencing
  • Commonwealth

If you’re not sure what check type you need to obtain, ensure that you contact the requesting organisation and ask for clarification before you begin the application process. We can help you obtain your national criminal history check fast and reliably online. 

How long is a police check valid for?

Your national criminal history check is a certificate containing any disclosable court outcomes up to the date of the certificate’s issue. So, if you have been requested to supply a national criminal history check no older than 30 days, then the issue date on your certificate must be no more than 30 days ago. It is regular practice for organisations and employers to regularly update their national clearance certificates so you may need to commit to providing your criminal checks on a regular basis. Using Worker Checks online personal portal with a record of all your check – compliance is a breeze!  

What is included on my criminal history check?

When you apply for a national criminal history check, you are effectively offering to provide a written record of any disclosable court outcomes listed against your name across all Australian states and territories. Even if your employer is based in New South Wales, and you have disclosable convictions or criminal history in South Australia, your national criminal history check will include details of those convictions.

What your employer or the organisation which has requested your national criminal history check will decide based on the information provided is at their discretion, although they should always ensure their decisions consider the extent to which the history is relevant to the role.

It is also worth checking exactly what you need your national criminal history check for. If you have been told to obtain a national police check for any processes related to a visa status or approval, you should double check exactly what kind of national criminal history check you are required to provide. Usually, for any government requirements relating to your visa status or its approval, your criminal history check must be only obtained from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). An  AFP Police Check can also be obtained from Worker Checks. 

The AFP criminal check is a different check associated with visa or immigration purposes. Always ensure that you double-check with the requesting organisation before you start the application process. Our Australian based customer service team can help you differentiate between the type of check you need to provide so feel free to jump online and chat with a friendly team member.

For quick and easy online processing of your national criminal record check, choose Worker Checks. We provide you with a fast and reliable online application process that will save you valuable time. Choose the fast, convenient, and affordable option with Worker Checks and let us take care of your national police check.

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