Australian Federal Police (AFP) Check
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For the fastest and most convenient AFP Police check 

As an accredited agent, Worker Checks can process your AFP Police Check and present the certificate in your online portal for electronic sharing or printing.  For AFP Checks we will also post you a hard copy of your certificate.

Conducting an online federal police check has never been easier!

Simply complete the 100% online application, upload your proof of identity documents and make your payment. 

There’s no need to spend hours at your local police station or the post office. With your Australian police clearance is an easy process that delivers the results you need, in the fastest possible time.

Worker Checks is an accredited provider with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) – view our accreditation by clicking here




How do I get a Federal Police Check ?

Getting an Australian Federal Police Check is easy with Worker Checks!

Simply apply online for your National Police Check by clicking here.

Using Worker Checks, you can get your Australian Federal Police Check in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Register & Complete Online Form

Complete our mobile-friendly online form – which takes about 5  minutes, including the reason you need the check, your date of birth, previous names or addresses.

Verify your ID 100% Online – using our online ID verification platform you can verify ID from your computer or mobile phone within minutes.

Step 2 – Pay Online

Pay with credit card via our secure payment gateway.

Step 3 – Receive Result

We’ll process your check after you submit it

We’ll send you an email when your check is ready

Your results will be available in your secure personal portal

From your personal portal:

  • print your certificate
  • share your results electronically

In addition for Australian Federal Police Checks (AFP Checks) we will mail you a hard copy certificate to your mailking address.

See more about Worker Checks online police check process here


What is an Australian Federal Police Check for?

What is the Australian Federal Police Check for?

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) can only provide AFP Police Checks for:

  • Immigration, Visa, Overseas Employment, Citizenship
  • People living or working in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories
  • People seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government or requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation
  • Applicants who live outside of Australia
  • Overseas adoption

Worker Checks can provide you with an official AFP Police Check.

Click here for AFP Check – 100% Online process.

Australian National Police Check and vs. Australian Federal Police Check - what's the difference?

A National Police Check and an Australian Federal Police Check differ in their uses. In most instances, such as for employment purposes, you will only need to obtain a National Police Check.

In special circumstances, such as for Commonwealth Government Employment, immigration or visa-related purposes, an Australian Federal Police Check is required.

Read more here -->

Chat to us if you are not sure which check you require -->

How long does an online Federal Police Check take ?

Processing time for a AFP National Police Check issued by the Australian Federal Police is approximately 15 business days.

Please be aware that the Australian Federal Police may need to seek information from other police jurisdictions, resulting in a longer processing time.

Please allow sufficient time for your Federal Police Check to be processed.

Worker Checks will provide you a digital copy of your certificate once we receive your results from the AFP.  This will be available in your Worker Checks portal – for forwardoing electoonically or for printing. We will also post a copy of you AFP check to your mailing address

At we return your Australian federal police clearance to you when we receive it, so there are no unnecessary delays. You will receive an immediate email alert from

With our fast police check service for Australia and all states, this will be the simplest part of your employment process.

Can I do an Australian Federal Police Check online ?

Completing an online Australian Federal Police Check is a quick and simple process, which only requires the upload of correct proof of identity documents and the fee payment to get underway.

Although Australian police checks can still be sourced from your local police station or post office, completing an online police check with is the best way to achieve a fast police check. We use the same national databases as the state based Police – being online just makes everything much quicker and easier for you.

How much does a Worker Checks National Federal Police Check cost?

The cost of an Australian Federal Police Check (AFP Check) is $80 for online submission with

We also offer a range of additional checks for employment and business purposes. Feel free to review our frequently asked questions for more information on our Australian police check and other services.

Can I apply for and access my Federal Police Check certificate from overseas?

Yes  – from your personal Worker Checks portal!

If you apply for a Worker Checks Federal Police Check while overseas you’ll need to be able to receive SMS messages on your mobile phone to verify your personal account on initial application.

You can print out your police check from your worker checks personal portal.  Our printed certificates contain an easy to use validation feature – which allows any printed certificate to be checked against the issued certificate record (securely stored on the workers checks secure blockchain). See more about validating a printed certificate here -->

Before you apply for an Worker Checks Federal  Police Check while overseas, ask the organisation requesting the check if this meets their requirements. .

How long will Worker Checks store my police check details ?

Your police check result will be kept on our Secure blockchain and available in your personal portal for 12 months from issuing.

During this period you can share your certificate (see how to share your police check here-->)  or print a copy at any time.

After that, your police check certificate will be removed and will no longer be available for printing or sharing.

I lost my AFP Police Check Certificate. Can I reprint it?

Of course!  Simply re-print the certificate from your personal Worker Checks online portal.

Our police check certificates contain a validation feature.

*No need to validate if you are viewing the certificate whilst logged in – you can be assured  the certificate or credentials are authentic, being displayed straight from our impenetrable blockchain

Please note: Your worker Checks police check will be removed from our secure blockchain storage after 12 months. After this time, we will not be able to retrieve your police check result and will need to renew your online police check.

Can you do a National Criminal Record check from any state?

Our National police checks are the same as national criminal record checks initiated in any state of Australia – as they collect information from all Australian police databases.

Choosing for your National police check needs is convenient both for individuals and for businesses. Read more about our company policies here and start your police check with us today.

Can I dispute the results of an Australian online police check ?

You can dispute your police check result for the following reasons:

  • the police information released does not belong to you
  • part of the police information does not belong to you
  • the police information released belongs to you, but the details are inaccurate
  • the police information belongs to you, but should not have been released

To dispute your check simply click on the link at the bottom of your police check certificate in your personal Worker Check’s portal . You will be guided through the dispute lodgement process.

What payment methods do you accept for online police checks ?

Worker Checks process payments online through Stripe.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB credit and debit cards. We don’t currently support Diners Club cards.

Note: If you’ve been sent a Worker Checks National Police Check invitation by an organisation they may be paying on your behalf.

Are my credit card details safe when I do an online police certificate with Worker Checks ?


Worker checks uses a 3rd party payment gateway provider (Stripe).

Worker Checks does not store any of your card details.

What details are listed on my National Police Clearance ?

Your Worker Checks National Police Check certificate will include the following personal information:

  • All names you have been known by
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Any releasable court outcomes and criminal history (including pending charges) relevant to the purpose of the police check.
I entered the wrong details in my online police check application. Can you amend my application ?

It’s your responsibility to ensure that the information provided to us on your Worker Checks National Police Check application is correct. So, before you submit your application online, make sure your information is correct and up to date.

Before submitting your application, check:

  • all your names (given name, surname / family name, middle name) and specify if you’re known by any other names
  • your date of birth
  • spelling
  • all your ID document details are correct, including document numbers
  • your contact details
  • all your information is as it appears on your ID documents.

Correcting your certificate

Once the police check has been initiated we’re not able to edit your application or provide a refund.

If you receive your police check certificate and you notice that any of the details are incorrect, you’ll need to apply again to have a correct certificate issued.

If you paid for your police check yourself:

  • Apply and pay for a new check. You can do this online using your existing login information for your Worker Checks personal portal.

If an organisation paid for your police check:

  • Contact the organisation and inform them you require a new invitation to conduct a police chck
  • The organisation requesting the check to will send you a new link.

Worker Checks will not provide refunds for any police check applications where incorrect information is provided by the customer.

What ID is required for Federal Police check ? Can I verify my ID online ?

Before you apply for a police check, you’ll need to have 100 points of identification from the list below. Your name and date of birth across your identity documents need to match what you’ve put on your application.

You must provide 100 points  from the table below list contained in this link -->

(Click to view Full Size)

All of your ID documents must be current. 

I'm only known by a single name. Can Worker Checks still help me with an online Federal Police Check ?

If you’re known by a single name (also called a mononym), you can apply for your federal police check online with Worker Checks. You’ll be prompted to follow the steps when you get to the relevant part in the online police check application.

get afp police check $80

– If you wish to register as a worker who will be working with children, you will need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC).

For organisation’s who hold an account to screen workers – if the worker has a WWCC – we will screen weekly at no additional cost.  Results will be available in your business portal. If there is a check discrepancy – you will receive an alert.

WWCC  are only processed through the statutory organisations in each state –  the contact details and websites for more information on the application  process can be found below.

Once you have received your check – we welcome you to add it to your “check passport” and register it with