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Police Clearance – Which clearance do you require?

A criminal record check is provided by through an Accredited Body, such as Worker Checks, who operate with the Australian government departments, depending on he type of check.

Which police clearance can Worker Checks Provide:

All police checks can be obtained online through Worker Checks, as follows:

All applications can be completed 100% online.

Please note, applications should be submitted as and when needed with a designated provider. They should not be submitted to multiple NPC providers in the hope of retrieving a different result. All accredited bodies access the same system to view police records, and will retrieve the same information in equal time.

Australian Police Clearance – National or Federal Police Check? What’s the difference:

Please read full article here on  Which Check do I Need ?

You need to get a police check, but you’re not sure whether you need a National Criminal History Check or an AFP Check.

In most instances (such as employment), you will only need to obtain a National Criminal History Check.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) can provide AFP police check for:

  • People seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government
  • Work-related checks due to legislation or regulations
  • Industry-specific standards/compliance requirement (e.g. Banking and Financial Services Industry)
  • People who reside overseas
  • Overseas employment
  • Residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories


How long does a police check take?

*70% of police checks are processed and available in your Worker Checks portal within 1 hour. However, 30% of the time, applications are flagged for further processing, known as ‘manual review’. For more information on Police clearance delays please read this article.

Traditional application processes can include trips to the post office, formal signed sightings of your identification, potential mistakes on your paper forms which leads to additional time and possibly more money spent on a new application, as well as the standard waiting times of many weeks for your certificate to arrive by mail. We offer fast, convenient and affordable criminal record checks for both individuals and for our corporate clients. 

How can I get more information on a Police Clearance?

Please read our short article on Police Check Overview — a guide for Police Checks in Australia


Choose Worker Checks™

Why should I use Worker Checks for my National Police Clearance?

Worker Checks provides police checks online – both Australian Police Checks and International Police Checks.

Application is 100% online – including  online identity verification, with support available.

Worker Checks Pty Ltd:

Highly Secured Data

Is my police clearance data safe online?


Workerchecks.com is powered by our proprietary blockchain enabled certificate engine. (Nominated for the prestigious Lloyds List awards in 2017 & 2018 – see blockchainmate.com

Both employees can be assured that their personal information is safe – and employers can rest assured that each police check certificate with authentication feature contains original and true information.

Read more about how we use private blockchain technology to provide the highest level of security for your sensitive personal data – Worker Checks private blockchain protecting your Police Check personal data

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