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A police clearance NSW is often required when an individual is responding to an offer of employment or has requested to join an organisation such as the Rural Fire Service (RFS). Your National Criminal History Check (NCHC)  is as a police clearance for Australia and NSW. It is a nationally recognised national police clearance, sourced from the state authorities in every Australian state.  

How do I get a police clearance NSW?

The government does not directly accept applications for a criminal record check. To obtain a copy of your NSW police clearance you will need to apply through either an Australian police station in your state or territory, or via an accredited agent. Worker Checks is an accredited agent authorised to accept and submit individuals’ application. Our online process has been designed to offer you a streamlined and fast-tracked application experience.

We offer applicants a 100% online application process, usually completed in around 5 to 10 minutes. You must have ready access to the information you may be asked for, including 4 pieces of ID. Click here for more information on the identification required for a police clearance NSW. Worker Checks verify your identity documents 100% online. Your certificate is made available in your personal Worker Check portal, where you can electronically share your check, or print out.

Police clearances are usually completed within 1 hour. However, in approximately 30% of cases, an individual’s application may be flagged for what is known as a ‘manual review’. This occurs when a partial or whole match of information provided matches with information in the criminal history database. A manual review must occur before the check is released to allocate the information correctly. If this happens in your case and you have opted for the express service, then the express service fee will be refunded to you. Your application may take between 1 and 15 business days to be finalised in this instance. Click here for more information on police check delays.

When you choose to submit your application with your local police agency you may have to fill out paper-based forms and you will not have access to Worker Check’s online portal to share or print your checks in the future. In addition the majority of Police clearances are usually completed within 1 hour and available in your personal Worker Checks portal.  If you use a local police service – you could potentially be waiting weeks for your police clearance. 

Our Australian National police check process is completed online and aims to have your application returned to you in as little one hour. 

How long does police clearance NSW last?

A police clearance is valid on to the date of its issue, but has no set expiry date, which means that you may need to provide regular renewals to the authority requesting your national police check.

How much is a police clearance NSW?

A Police Clearance NSW for employment purposes is $40.

It is also important to note that a police clearance certificate or Federal Police Check issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Check  is also available from Worker Checks. If you have been asked to provide a police clearance certificate for immigration related processes, please double check exactly where you need to obtain that certificate with the requesting organisation. Please read this article if you are unsure which check you need – an AFP or Australian National Police Check.

Please see the below for more information on obtaining a check from other states:

Choose Worker Checks for the fastest, most convenient option for your Police clearance NSW. 

Worker Checks is an accredited agent. Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) 


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get national police check $40