Police Check Victoria

National Police Check Victoria (VIC)

For the fastest and most convenient Victoria police check, visit our online portal at worchecks.com. As an accredited agent, our team can perform your Victoria criminal history check for your employer or to present prior to volunteering with an Australian organization. Conducting an online police check in Victoria has never been easier than using our online portal. Simply upload your proof of identity documents and make your payment, and 2 hours later you will have an official, authenticated police check which has been verified through all Australian police databases. There’s no need to spend hours at your local police station any longer, with workchecks.com your Victoria police clearance is an easy process that delivers the results you need, in the fastest possible time. 


What is Victoria police clearance?

Victoria police clearance is a statement authorized by the Australian government which details any disclosable criminal history or convictions on a person’s public criminal record. Police clearances in Victoria are provided after all of your known names are crosschecked with the databases of all Australian police agencies. Your online Victoria police check is the same as you would be presented with if you were to visit your local police station, just delivered in a much timelier fashion.  

How long does a Victoria police check take?

In most cases, once you submit your application with your proof of identity documents a Victoria police check will be completed with the resulting certificate available within 2 hours. At workchecks.com we return your Victoria police check to you by email the same day we receive it, so there are no unnecessary delays. With our fast police check for Victoria and other states, this will be the simplest part of your employment process.

Can you do an online police check for Victoria?

Completing an online police check for Victoria is a quick and simple process, which only requires the upload of correct proof of identity documents and the fee payment to get underway. Though Victoria police checks can still be sourced from your local police station, completing an online police check with workerchecks.com is the best way to achieve a fast police check for Victoria. We use the same national databases as the Victoria Police, but being online just makes everything much quicker and easier for you.  

How much is a Victoria police check in Australia?

The cost of a Victoria police check in Australia is $40 for online submission with workchecks.com. For a fast police check in Victoria simply submit your documents online and a few hours later you will have your completed check. We also offer a range of additional checks for employment and business purposes. Feel free to review our frequently asked questions for more information on our Victoria police check and other services. 

What shows up on a Victoria criminal history check?

Your Victoria criminal history check shows all disclosable convictions and arrests in Australian police databases for all known aliases. Our fantastic business portal makes it easy for employers to receive your up-to-date Victoria criminal history check along with any other additional checks including right to work visa checks and international police checks.  

Can I use an old Victoria police check?

Your Victoria police check is an up to the minute document which does not expire; however, some employers will require a police check from Victoria that has been issued within a certain timeframe. With loopholes found in the Working With Children Check system, these are now being replaced with national criminal record checks in Victoria which utilize all Australian police databases and are more consistent in recording information and continuous monitoring.

Can you do a national criminal record check in Victoria?

Our Victoria police checks are the same as national criminal record checks as they collect information from all Australian police databases. Choosing workchecks.com for your Victoria police check needs is convenient both for individuals and for businesses. Read more about our company policies here and start your police check with us today.

We can monitor Working with Children Checks by screening weekly – free of charge

– If you wish to register as a worker who will be working with children, you will need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC).

For organisation’s who hold an account to screen workers – if the worker has a WWCC – we will screen weekly at no additional cost.  Results will be available in your business portal. If there is a check discrepancy – you will receive an alert.

WWCC  are only processed through the statutory organisations in each state –  the contact details and websites for more information on the application  process can be found below.

Once you have received your check – we welcome you to add it to your “check passport” and register it with workerchecks.com