What are the options for obtaining a Police Check QLD?

Workerchecks offer our clients a completely online application form, with a process that significantly reduces your time and effort obtaining a national police clearance. Our online form is designed to help applicants complete and submit their entire application form in a single sitting in a matter of minutes. When you submit your application during business hours you will typically receive your national police certificate emailed back to you within as little as an hour. 

In roughly 30% of cases, the central government database may flag your national police clearance for a ‘manual review’. When this happens, an official must sight your criminal background check before it can be released. Generally, this delay requires 1 to 15 business for your results to be released. Unfortunately, we are unable to know ahead of time whether your application will be flagged, so should this happen,



More and more organisations are requesting that individuals provide them with a current national police check before they join a volunteer organisation or given an official offer of employment. Providing your Australian police check helps Australian businesses and volunteer organisations to keep their environments and services safe for all Australians to participate in. 

If you have been asked to provide a copy of your criminal record check then you have a couple of ways of obtaining your national clearance certificate. Individual applicants are not able to submit their own application directly to the government for processing so they must complete and submit their forms to either their local QLD police station or a government accredited agency, like Worker Checks. We can not only accept and submit your application for a police check QLD, we put it at the head of the processing queue with typical turnaround times of just one hour. When you choose a paper-based form, you could be waiting weeks for your certificate to be processed and returned to you via post. When you choose Workerchecks, you typically have your certificate within an hour.

There are a couple of different types of police checks. For example, you are not able to submit an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check with the QLD police. A national police check for visa applications must be submitted directly to the AFP. If you are unsure which type of record check you need to apply for, please ask the authority requesting a copy of your clearance for more information.

Your police check QLD issued by Workerchecks is actually a national police check which extends to all states and territories.



There is no set period of validity for your police check QLD  but whichever authority has requested you provide one will have a compliance period so it’s best to check with them whether your current police check is still valid or whether you will need to apply for a more recent Australian police check.



Your police check QLD issued by Workerchecks is actually a national police check which extends to all states and territories.

– If you wish to register as a worker who will be working with children, you will need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC).

For organisation’s who hold an account to screen workers – if the worker has a WWCC – we will screen weekly at no additional cost.  Results will be available in your business portal. If there is a check discrepancy – you will receive an alert.

WWCC  are only processed through the statutory organisations in each state –  the contact details and websites for more information on the application  process can be found below.

Once you have received your check – we welcome you to add it to your “check passport” and register it with workerchecks.com