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Get police clearance from more than 190 overseas countries and territories., including India.



India Police Check from Worker Checks

If you’re new to Australia, or have spent more than six months abroad, a potential employer may request an international police check as part of their pre-employment screening.

Also known as police clearance or an international criminal history check, your Worker Checks International Police Check makes the complex task of applying with multiple overseas police agencies simple.

Our checking process meets the highest international standards often required of international students, teachers and health practitioners, and is performed 100% online using digital document upload and secure document delivery.

Note: Our international police checks are suitable for background screening, for example employment and rental checks. Some organisations have specific requirements for international police check certificates, so we recommend checking these requirements before you proceed.



  • $170 per international check (including Indian Police Certificate)
  • $70 per New Zealand check


Why get an international police check?


If you’re an international student, a teacher, practice medicine or nursing, work in childcare or have spent more than six-months living or working abroad, you may need an international police check.

A Worker Checks International Police Check is a trusted global credential service facilitating police clearance from more than 190 international countries and territories.

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ID required for an Indian police check

ID for Police Check India

You need an Australian or foreign passport to apply for your Worker Checks International Police Check.

All documents must be original and current (not expired).

Be sure to check that all of your details across your identity documents match what you’ve provided in your application. If your maiden name or previous name doesn’t match, you’ll need to provide change of name documentation (contact your local registry office or foreign embassy).

How long does an Indian Police Check take?

Police check India are typically turned around within 10 days.

The majority  Worker Checks International Police Check will usually be ready within 5 to 15 working days. In some cases, it will take longer, depending on the processing times of government agencies coordinating checks in each country.

Get International Police check from $70