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As an accredited agent, Worker Checks can process your AFP Police Check and present the certificate in your online portal for electronic sharing or printing.

Conducting an AFP police check check has never been easier!

Simply complete the 100% online application, upload your proof of identity documents and make your payment. 

There’s no need to spend hours at your local police station or the post office. With your federal police clearance is an easy process that delivers the results you need, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Why would I need an AFP Police Check?

It is worth checking exactly what you need your police check for. If you have been told to obtain a police check for any processes related to a visa status or approval, you should double check exactly what kind of criminal history check you are required to provide.

Worker Checks can provide checks for:

  • People seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government
  • Work-related checks due to legislation or regulations
  • Industry-specific standards/compliance requirement (e.g. Banking and Financial Services Industry)
  • People who reside overseas
  • Overseas employment
  • Residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories

AFP Checks for Immigration and Citizenship

Usually, for any government requirements relating to your visa status or its approval, your criminal history check must be only obtained from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). This check can also be obtained from Worker Checks.

The AFP check is a different check associated with visa or immigration purposes. Always ensure that you double-check with the requesting organisation before you start the application process. Our Australian based customer service team can help you differentiate between the type of check you need to provide so feel free to jump online and chat with a friendly team member.

How much is n AFP Police Check?

$80 with Worker Checks.

We offer applicants a streamlined and completely online application for federal police clearances. Worker Checks can deliver your AFP Check to you in 5-10 working days after submission. after submission.

Don’t wait weeks for your police  clearance, choose the quick, hassle-free and online alternative with Worker Checks and access your clearance as soon as possible.




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