National Police Clearance

national police clearance
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A national police clearance is a certificate provided by Australian accredited providers or state & federal police, listing an individual’s disclosable criminal history.

Any information relating to that national criminal history check is obtained from all state and territory police agencies including WA, SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, NT and Tasmania. These police clearances can also be referred to simply as a police check, a criminal record check, and National Criminal History Check and a Australian National Police Check.

The government does not directly process applications for a national police check. You are required to provide your national police check through either your local police agency or with an accredited provider like Worker Checks. 

Worker Checks offer you a fast, 100% online national police clearance that you will not be able to access if you choose to apply for your national police clearance through your local police or Post Office. We also offer our applicants online identity verification, which is a different process to lodging paper forms, in person.

When you choose Worker Checks to apply for your national police clearance, 70% of checks are ready in as little as one hour. However, in 30% of applications a further review is required. This is due to a partial or whole match of the application’s information in the central government database. Unfortunately, we cannot know ahead of time if your application will be delayed. If your application is held back for manual vetting, it may then take between 1 and 15 business days to be released. For more information on national police clearance delays please read this article.

How long does a National Police Clearance last?

There is no set time of validity for a national police criminal check. A police check is a point in time check. Whomever requests your police clearance certificate will have a set period time they deem your check is valid for. They will most likely contact you when it is time to renew your national police clearance. For more information please click here

How do I get a National Police Check?

To receive a national police clearance, you will need to apply through a government accredited provider. Worker Checks is an online accredited provider able to process your application. We offer an online process using to securely verify your identity documents. As long as you are comfortable using online forms, have reliable access to the internet and a credit card –  you can complete your online application with Worker Checks in 5 minutes.

How long does a Criminal Background Check take?

If you were to lodge a paper form for your national police clearance, you could find yourself waiting weeks for that form to be received, processed and the clearance certificate posted. By using our online application, you can reduce that time. 

Your national police check is usually available in as little as an hour. It will be available in your Worker Checks portal for electronic sharing with your employer, or available for printing.

Where do I get a Police Clearance?

Your criminal check can be processed from any state or territory in Australia. It will be Worker Checks against a national database of information which includes criminal listings from all over Australia. To understand what kind of information might be included on your national police clearance, click here. 

It is also worth checking exactly what you need your national criminal history check for. If you have been told to obtain a national police check for any processes related to a visa status or approval, you should double check exactly what kind of national criminal history check you are required to provide. Usually, for any government requirements relating to your visa status or its approval, your criminal history check must be only obtained from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). An  AFP Police Check can also be obtained from Worker Checks. Click here if you are unsure which check you need.

The AFP criminal check is a different check associated with visa or immigration purposes. Always ensure that you double-check with the requesting organisation before you start the application process. Our Australian based customer service team can help you differentiate between the type of check you need to provide so feel free to jump online and chat with a friendly team member.

How much is a national police clearance?

$40 with Worker Checks.

We offer applicants a fast, streamlined and completely online application for national police clearance checks. Worker Checks can deliver your National Police Check to you in as little as an hour after submission.

Don’t wait weeks for your police check clearance, choose the quick, hassle-free and online alternative with Worker Checks and access your clearance as soon as possible.


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get national police check $40