Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Payments

Questions About Payments

Can you explain your refunds policy? only offers refunds for extenuating circumstances. By paying for a Criminal History Check through, you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions provided on our website and you:

  • Have gained confirmation that our police check will be accepted for the purposes in which you intend on using it;
  • Are agreeing to provide true and correct information;
  • Have completed the online application accurately and thoroughly;
  • Have provided the pre-populated informed consent form signed and dated (if you intend to lodge via post); and
  • have provided the necessary ID as per the minimum ID requirements. is not responsible for:

  • Data entry errors that have been made by persons inputting their own details into the application for a criminal history check;
  • Persons who have changed their mind after partially or fully completing the application process;
  • Selection of the wrong check type and/or reason for check;
  • Lack of detail provided by persons inputting their own details into the application for a criminal history check;
  • False/Incorrect information provided by persons into the application for a criminal history check;
  • Not thoroughly completing the online application process;
  • Not providing the necessary ID as per the minimum ID requirements; and
  • Not returning a signed and dated informed consent form (if lodged by post).

To obtain a refund email – [email protected] include your first name, surname and date of birth, a reference number if you have it and a brief description of why you require a refund. We will then assess the suitability of your refund claim.

How much does it cost for a Police Check?

Employment General  – AUD $40

Volunteering                – AUD $20

International                – AUD $170

NZ Police Check          – AUD $70

VEVO Check                – AUD $8.80

I don’t have a credit card, what other payment methods are available?

Unfortunately we only accept online credit card payments.

We can monitor Working with Children Checks by screening weekly – free of charge

– If you wish to register as a worker who will be working with children, you will need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC).

For orgainsations who hold an account to screen workers – if the worker has a WWCC – we will screen weekly at no additional cost.  Results will be available in your business portal. If there is a check discrepancy – you will receive an alert.

WWCC  are only processed through the statutory organisations in each state –  the contact details and websites for more information on the application  process can be found below.

Once you have received your check – we welcome you to add it to your “check passport” and register it with 

More about WWCC