How do I get a police check solution for my business?

Business Solution for Police Checks

To obtain a police check solution for your business, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a provider: There are several authorised providers of police check solutions in Australia, including Worker Checks – an accredited third-party provider.

  2. Contact the provider: Contact the provider and discuss your business needs, including the number of checks you require and the frequency of checks needed.

  3. Set up an account: Most providers will require you to set up an account in order to manage your police check orders and requests.

  4. Provide employee information: Provide the required personal information and identification for each employee who requires a police check.

  5. Pay the fee: The cost of a police check varies depending on the provider, but most charge a fee which can be paid online or through a business account.

  6. Wait for the checks to be processed: The processing time for a police check varies, but it is usually completed within a few business days.

  7. Receive the certificates: Once the checks are complete, you will receive police

Worker Checks provides a free full business solution to manage all your worker checks:

  • Management suite for alerts and non-compliance of worker’s checks:
  • Employer or Worker Pay options
  • Pay by CC or monthly invoicing
  • Invite your workers to conduct checks from your management portal
  • Portal view of all your worker’s status
  • Your branding on electronic correspondence

      Available for any organisation

More information on Worker Checks Business solutions here >

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