Police Check ID requirements – what’s needed to get my police check?

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What Personal Information Must I Provide to Get My Police Check?

Police Check ID requirements – What information is required for police check?  We get this question a lot!

If you have decided to order your Police Check, you will need to know what kind of information is needed for the check to be completed. These are the necessary items that you will need to gather to be able to proceed with the Police Check process. There are no exceptions to these requirements and you will need to provide them all to be able to complete the police check process.

Police Checks can be done through a local post office or police station, but this slows down the process significantly as well as requiring that you fill out paper forms. Ordering your Police Check online is a far easier and more efficient option. If you are ready to check your criminal record at an affordable price and through a process that takes place 100% online, here is the personal information that will be needed.

What is a National Criminal History Check?

A National Criminal History Check is an official document that itemizes all of an individual’s criminal history in Australia. These offenses included are disclosable ones that took place in any state or territory in Australia. It does not matter where you are originally from.

You will always order a national police check that is valid in the state or territory that you currently reside in and the results are based on criminal records held by Australian police agencies. The Police Check will show any disclosable court outcomes, court sentences, records and pending Australian cases within Australia.

These police checks are completed for many reasons, such as when you apply for jobs, accept an internship, apply for citizenship, take a volunteer position, or when you begin the process of fostering or adopting a child. At Worker Checks, provide these police checks online to our customers for any of these needs.

We are reputable and we will provide a hassle-free experience for your National Police Check needs in the state or territory where you currently reside. No more having to drive to a separate location and wait in line to order your Police Check and no more waiting around for it to arrive after the fact. Our online ordering process makes the order and receipt of your Police Check quick and painless.

Can I Order my Police Check Online?

There are two primary ways to order your Police Check. You can order it manually or at a police station or post office. However, ordering your Police Check Online is often the easiest way to get this process done quickly and efficiently. If you want to avoid the line and the wait after you have submitted a paper Police Check Form, you will want to order your Police Check Online.

We offer a quick and simple ordering process that only takes 5 minutes to complete. If you have been dreading having to do this necessary and common bit of paperwork, being able to complete your Police Check online and having it on hand right away is a welcome relief.

You will just need some required documents and you will need to fill out an online application. We will ask to see your required documents with a selfie so that we can confirm your identity. After that, the rest is up to us! In many cases, you will receive your National Police Certificate within 60 minutes.

How Long Does it take to get a Police Check?

The actual online ordering process takes five minutes or so. This is quick, painless and much faster than applying at other locations! You will be done with your order in the time that it takes to make a cup of tea! Best of all, you will not have to leave the comfort of your home and you will not have to deal with the frustration of driving to another location to order and then finding out that you forgot a document that you needed!

About 70% of orders are completed within 1 hour and your National Police Certificate will be available in your secure personal portal as soon as the process is completed. This is the standard experience, but we will call if your personal information seems to be incomplete or if other errors are found to be present in your application. We are experts at reviewing and confirming that your order is complete and consistent.

You should know that about 30% of Australian Police Checks are delayed to be further reviewed by the National Police Checking System. This can add another 2 to 15 business days to your order. Due to this, we always recommend that you submit your order at least 10 days before you will need your completed Police Check in hand.

Submitting your order early will make sure that your application for a job or for a volunteer position will not be held up by delays that cannot be helped by you or by us. These checks are performed randomly and are not pre-selected by us in any way.

What Personal Information Will I Need to Provide?

The most common reason that you will be asked for a police check  to be done, is to be hired for a job. This is a required step for many jobs to protect your potential employer from anti-discrimination laws or privacy laws. It is not enough for you to just state that your record is clean.

You might be worried about the personal information that you will need to provide, but you can rest assured that none of the necessary information is invasive or should be considered too personal to provide.

To complete a Police Check NSW for example, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • 1 Commencement Document

The acceptable items that fall under this heading are a current Australian passport that is not expired or a Full Australian Birth Certificate. A birth card will not be accepted in place of a birth certificate. If you do not have either of these documents, you will need to provide an Australian Visa that is current or an ImmiCard issued by Immigration and Border Protection.

If you do not have any of these documents, you will need to provide a certificate of identity that has been issued by the Foreign Affairs and Trade or a Document of identity issued by the Foreign Affairs and Trade. The last item that you might be able to use is a certificate of evidence of resident status.

  • 1 Primary Document

These documents are proof of identity and include a current Australian driver’s license or learner’s permit, an Australian marriage certificate, or a current passport from another country that shows valid entry into Australia. You can also use a current proof of age or photo ID card from an Australian government agency.

A firearms license can be used or a student ID card as well. All of these forms of ID must show your complete legal name, a photo, and signature.

  • 2 Secondary Documents

These include a certificate of identity that has been issued by the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade or a document of Identity issued by them. You can also use a convention travel document secondary (UN) issued by the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade. A foreign driver’s license will also work.

Other options include things like bank and credit cards, credit reference checks, student ID cards, government-issued photo ID, consular photo ID or even your Medicare card.

These items will need to be provided whether you are ordering a Police Check in NSW or a Police Check VIC. Each territory or state will have its own police records on anyone who has committed an infraction while they resided in that location.

For more information – visit our Proof of Identity page here.

What Other Personal Information Will I Need to Provide?

A Criminal Record Check cannot be done if additional personal information is not provided. This is basic information that you likely used when you filled out your job application. The personal information that will be required includes:

  • Current legal name
  • Any other legal names you have had
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Address history for the past 5 years

We will also ask that you provide a selfie with the necessary documents pictured. This image will be attached to the information above, which is supplied through an application form that is quick and easy to fill out. You do not need to stress about providing your personal information to us for the purposes of your Police Clearance process.

What is a National Police Certificate?

The National Police Certificate is the official document that you will be issued when you have completed the National Criminal History Check. This certificate will disclose any illegal activities that you have been involved in which led to a criminal record being established for you related to those activities.

You might be wondering how long this check is good for. Technically, there is no expiry date for these checks, however many businesses have their own regulations regarding how old a Police Check can be before a new one must be provided. You can refuse to provide a new Police Check, but this will likely result in you not being considered for the position that you have applied for.

A Criminal Record Check request should not be viewed as a sign that you are being treated with suspicion. This is a common practice when applying for jobs and trying to adopt or undertake volunteer jobs. These entities must satisfy their own requirements related to hiring anyone who has failed a Police Clearance related to the Spent Convictions Scheme.

These are basic practices that are undertaken by all reputable employers and organisations who are seeking to hire a new employee. They should not be looked at with embarrassment or frustration as they are common practice. Remember that these are practices that are required by the entity that is hiring you and that you are not being treated any differently than any other applicant.

Can I Dispute My Results?

You are able to dispute your results and we can help you with queries related to the accuracy of your Police Check results. Always contact us immediately if you think your Police Check is not correct and we will liaise with ACIC on your behalf or help you to start the necessary processes with your local Police Agency.

What About Police Checks in Other Locations?

No matter if you are ordering Police Checks in South Australia or Police Checks in West Australia, the process is the same. You will need to provide the same basic personal information and the same documentation. These rules are standardized for a reason and are intended to protect everyone who applies for jobs or caretaker roles from being treated with discrimination.

Remember that you will only need to order a Police Check in the state or territory in which you currently reside. There is no need to order a Police Check for another location that you lived in before. There are various rules related to infractions that were incurred in other locations other than your current primary address but these do not have any effect on the Police Check process in your current location.

What if I have Questions?

Contact us here if you have questions about our online ordering process or the documentation that you will need to provide. We want to take all of the guesswork out of your order and we know that it can be stressful to have to apply for a Police Check. It is hard enough having to wait to hear if you have gotten a job, and we want to be sure that the hiring process is not delayed for a moment longer than it has to be!

Click here if you are ready to start your application and you have the necessary documents on hand. We are ready to help you with your order, no matter what time of day you start the application process. We will deliver fast, efficient, and accurate results for you with every order that you place.

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